2012 Challenge - Maciej Matyka



Maciej Matyka http://panoramix.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~maq

What is Palabos CG?

CG stands for Computer Graphics (to o much for this little work but anyway).

First, a little  script  taking  a  binary results of Palabos directory  and produces a raytraced  .mp4 animation using POV-Ray.

Second, an  example  splash of liquid drop figures and animation done  using  Palabos CG. Please  note  the  splashing  drop  is a simple  modification  of  the  Palabos's free surface example.

The splash of liquid drop?

Dating back to 2001 I made myself busy for years playing   with  Harlow's  &  Welch's  Marker  and   Cell   algorithm to simulate the  free  surface  flows. I was trying to reproduce     their two-dimensional splash effects (I actually did  my  MSc on it). I still like to see this phenomena in motion and.. that's it.


Software  used  in the attached animation:

  • Palabos-v1.1r0
  • Palabos CG v0.1
  • stl2pov 2.5.0
  • POV-Ray 3.6.1 Linux
  • ffmpeg 0.6.4
  • POV-Ray 3.7 Windows (prototyping)

Source Code



Image sequence:

Palabos Contest2012 Maciej 1 Palabos Contest2012 Maciej 2
Palabos Contest2012 Maciej 3 Palabos Contest2012 Maciej 4


Click to download in FLV format (4.32MB)


Assembled in Swinoujscie, 2012

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