Bubble Splitter

palabos bubble splitter iconIn this example, air bubbles are raising in water through the effect of buoyancy. An obstacle is placed on the way to demonstrate the effects of surface tension, wall contact angle, bubble splitting and merging.



Bubbles are introduced in the simulation by "punching holes" into the liquid domain, a process through which liquid volume is removed from the simulation. The liquid surface is correspondingly lowered whenever a bubble bursts through the water free surface. It should however be emphasized that, except from this artifact during the injection of bubbles, the liquid is subject to exact mass conservation laws.

The physical parameters of the simulation are summarized in the following table:

Liquid Viscosity: 0.001 Ns/m2
Height of the full simulation: 0.05 m
Liquid Density: 1000 kg/m3
Surface Tension: 0.0728 N/m
The total physical time of the following animation is 8 seconds.
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