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Use this forum to for any question or announcement around the lattice Boltzmann method in general, or around the usage of the open-source Palabos library. Before posting, use the forum's search function to check if your question has been answered previously. Cross-posting is not allowed, except for announcements that are of general interest. Cross-posted or multiple-posted questions will be removed.

The following links provide further information and materials about lattice Boltzmann:
  • The Palabos Wiki documents certain aspects of lattice Boltzmann and provides links to literature.
  • Many theses on lattice Boltzmann are available online and provide a good starting point for newcomers.
  • The free Palabos library is parallel, implements many lattice Boltzmann models, and lets you set up fluid simulations or implement your own models.
You can also write new articles on the Wiki and then reference the article from the forum. In this way you can, for example, typeset mathematical formulas with the LaTeX syntax, or upload pictures and source code. Read the intro to learn how to use the Wiki.
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