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Need help on writing a data processor spits out a std::vector

Posted by hjunghjung  
Need help on writing a data processor spits out a std::vector
June 19, 2018 03:53AM
Hi all,

It seems like I posted the same topic in a wrong place. Please pardon me leaving the same notes. The following is the post I made in LBM:algorithms section.

I don't know if the forum is no longer active or not, but I would like to ask a question if anyone can help me writing a data processor.

I would like to have a data processor that spits out a std::vector that can be accessed outside of the data processor. Here is the code I wrote.

Language: C++
template<typename T, template<typename U> class Descriptor> class ComputeScatteredRho3D : public BoxProcessingFunctional3D_L<T,Descriptor> { public: ComputeScatteredRho3D(std::vector<std::vector<int> > &locationVector_, std::vector<T> &rhoVector_, plint len_) : locationVector(locationVector_), rhoVector(rhoVector_), len(len_) {} virtual void process(Box3D domain, BlockLattice3D<T,Descriptor> &lattice) { for (plint i=0; i<len; ++i) { plint iX = locationVector[i][0]; plint iY = locationVector[i][1]; plint iZ = locationVector[i][2]; rhoVector[i] = lattice.get(iX,iY,iZ).computeDensity(); } } void getRhoVector(std::vector<T> &vect) { for (plint i=0; i<len; ++i) { vect[i] = rhoVector[i]; } } virtual ComputeScatteredRho3D<T,Descriptor>* clone() const { return new ComputeScatteredRho3D<T,Descriptor>(*this); } void getTypeOfModification(std::vector<modif::ModifT>& modified) const { modified[0] = modif::nothing; } private: std::vector<std::vector<int> > locationVector; std::vector<T> rhoVector; plint len; };     void getScatteredDensity3D(MultiBlockLattice3D<T,AVDES>& lattice, vector<vector<int>>& locationVector, vector<T>& newVector) { plint len = locationVector.size(); ComputeScatteredRho3D<T,AVDES> *aaa = new ComputeScatteredRho3D<T,AVDES> (locationVector, newVector, len); applyProcessingFunctional(aaa, lattice.getBoundingBox(), lattice); aaa->getRhoVector(newVector); delete(aaa); }

locationVector is a vector storing location information of a domain.
I want to have an access to rhoVector outside of the data processor using a function getRhoVector. However, it seems like the rhoVector is destroyed after the function applyProcessingFunctional.
Can anyone give me advice on solving this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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