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boundarycondition in inlet and outlet

Posted by dongxueyangdongxueyang  
boundarycondition in inlet and outlet
May 05, 2018 03:07PM
Now,I am in trouble of the use of pressureboundarycondition.
I am modeling a flow with const velocity.In a box, there is one inlet, one outlet and four sidewall. About the boundarycondition, I set like this:

OnLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<T,DESCRIPTOR>* boundaryCondition = createLocalBoundaryCondition3D<T,DESCRIPTOR>();
Box3D inlet = Box3D(0 ,nx-1,0 , 0 , 0 , nz-1);
Box3D outlet = Box3D(0 ,nx-1,ny-1, ny-1, 0 , nz-1);
Box3D front = Box3D(nx-1,nx-1,1 , ny-2, 0 , nz-1);
Box3D back = Box3D(0 ,0 ,1 , ny-2, 0 , nz-1);
Box3D top = Box3D(1 ,nx-2,1 , ny-2, nz-1, nz-1);
Box3D bottom = Box3D(1 ,nx-2,1 , ny-2, 0, 0 );
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, inlet, boundary::dirichlet );
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, outlet, boundary::outflow );
T vy = getInletVelocity(param.inletVelocityLB, 0, param.startIter);
setBoundaryVelocity(*lattice, inlet, Array<T,3>( (T) 0,vy, (T) 0));
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, bottom, boundary::freeslip );
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, front, boundary::freeslip );
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, back, boundary::freeslip );
boundaryCondition->setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries ( *lattice, top, boundary::freeslip );
initializeAtEquilibrium( *lattice, lattice->getBoundingBox(), param.rhoLoLB, Array<T,3>( (T) 0,vx, (T) 0));

The speed at the boundary advances from the entrance to the exit. After reaching the exit, the speed increases and in turn advances toward the entrance. After several cycles, the overall speed becomes larger until the calculation is wrong.
is there anyone can give me any advice?

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