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Code::Blocks with 64-bit minGW32

Posted by mingllovemingllove  
Code::Blocks with 64-bit minGW32
April 27, 2017 10:47AM
Is there anyone compiler with 64-bit minGW32? When I build for permeability.cpp by 64-bit minGW32, the following errors presented:

F:\palabos\palabos-v1.5r1\externalLibraries\Eigen\src\Core\Matrix.h for line 554 "skipping 2 instantiation contexts, use -ftemplate--backtrace-limit=0 to disable"

F:\palabos\palabos-v1.5r1\externalLibraries\Eigen\src\Core\Assign.h for line 422 "skipping 2 instantiation contexts, use -ftemplate--backtrace-limit=0 to disable"

I appreciated for anyone's help and thank you
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