CFX Comparison - Simulation Results


Results: Wall Shear Stress

In this first, qualitative part of the benchmark, a plot of the wall-shear-stress in the area of the aneurysm is shown. The picture is quite typical, as high stresses occur at entry points of an artery into the aneurysm, and at the contact of the aneurysm with a flow vortex (the vortex can be seen in the contour plots in the next section).

wss comparison

One should point out that while this comparison is only qualitative, it is probably the most relevant one to actual medical physics. Wall shear-stresses have direct medical implications, and obtaining the same picture with Palabos and AnSys(R) here means that both tools have converged to the same medical prediction.

Results: Contours of the Velocity norm

The following image shows the contours of the velocity-norm on the three benchmark planes, at reference resolution.


Results: Integral and Pointwise Quantities

benchmark results

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