The Palabos Project


The Palabos open-source project  results from a collaboration between industry and academia. It is devoted to producing a robust, fast, and accurate tool for computational fluid dynamics, with an emphasis on verifiability: all implemented models are continuously tested and peer-reviewed by scientists and engineers all over the world.

Complex fluid dynamics is one of the big open challenges in science. The Palabos project promotes new scientific approaches and engineering tools to achieve new advances in this field.

The FlowKit Ltd. technology company manages the development of the Palabos code. It carefully reviews each line of contributed code, asserts the quality of the implemented models and algorithms, and promotes industrial and engineering usage of the code. FlowKit Ltd. also provides consulting solutions to help you get started with the code, to implement new models, or to solve specific problems.

The University of Geneva is the main research partner of the Palabos project.

A pioneer in the domain of computational fluid dynamics and lattice Boltzmann modeling, the Scientific and Parallel Computing Group SPC at the University of Geneva provides the theoretical background of the Palabos kernel, and continuously develops new models and approaches in the field of complex fluid dynamics.


Partners and Collaborations

SIG Logo

SIG (Services industriels de Genève) obtains energy in large quantities from the river Rhône, and with this covers approximately 25% of the electricity needs of the canton Geneva. Simulations with the Palabos software are used to better understand the flow patterns and sedimentation mechanisms in the Rhône, as a support for its management and exploitation.



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