Fluid flow at your fingertips

A software tool for classical CFD, particle-based models and complex physical interaction, Palabos offers a powerful environment for your fluid flow simulations.

Through the innovative matrix-based interface, setting up a massively parallel simulation or developing a new physical model has become simpler than ever.


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What is lattice Boltzmann?

Palabos is based on a modern approach called the lattice Boltzmann method. Learn more about this method by

New to lattice Boltzmann?

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“If I were a betting man ...

 ... I’d place some money on the Lattice Boltzmann Method to eventually shake up the CFD world”.

Jeff Waters' blog lifeupfront.com offers interesting insights, thoughts, and discussions at the cutting edge of CAE. He got interested in the lattice Boltzmann method and recorded a Podcast with us about lattice Boltzmann, open-source CFD, cloud-based CAE, the Palabos code, and the FlowKit company. Visit his blog to get the Podcast.

Palabos 2012 Challenge


The Palabos 2012 Challenge is now closed. We'll be back in 2013...

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